The Third Day

Feature Film, Drama, Sport, Family - Pre-production. Seeking Financing.

After the death of a rising star athlete, a grief-stricken mother exposes a silent killer of young athletes while putting a strain on her marriage.

Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Stupid

Feature Film, Drama, Social Issue, Family - Pre-production.

A bullied 13-year-old boy finds himself in a hopeless set of circumstances at the hands of an overbearing, narcissistic mother. When he commits suicide, his eulogy shockingly identifies those who could have saved him.


Short Film, Drama, Crime - Production completed. Released.

When the wife of a wealthy businessman goes into hiding with their teenage son, a hitman finds them before they are due to give grand jury testimony concerning the husband's association with organized corruption.

Simply Ava

TV Pilot, Comedy, Family - Treatment completed. Available for sale.

A newly single Mompreneur juggles the demands of motherhood and her business, while receiving advice from the people in her life.

The Healing Floor

Short Film, Drama, Social Issue - Pre-production.

A solemn look at the dark happenings that unfold after a young mother experiences the death of her child and how her fragile mind forces her into a daily household ritual.

The War Within

Short Film, Comedy, Family - Production completed. Released.

When a woman second guesses her decision to adopt, her best friend helps her to stay the course.

The Son We Lost

Documentary Film, Drama - In Production - Currently filming

Death of a child hurts. A compelling look into one family's struggles over losing one of their own to a hidden heart defect and the aftermath that continues nine years later. Will they get the answer that's so desperately needed? It will all depend on science.

The Perfect Buyer

Television Film, Drama - Treatment completed. Available for sale.

A frustrated and lonely top-selling real estate agent concocts a wildly violent plan to become pregnant before her 35th birthday.


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