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Books: Cast & Crew


Talk To God Series (Book 1)

Those things you keep to yourself damage you from the inside out. Follow Camille King as she plows through a rough season in her once blissful marriage. Like most wives, she’s not exempt from problems, disappointment or heartache. This series is a tale of love, betrayal, grief, and a desperate plea for help from the only one who can help—God.

Talk to God Series (Book 2)

In this continuation of the Talk to God Series, doubts about Patrice’s honesty resurface. Will Camille finally learn the truth from the woman who has told nothing but lies since the beginning and embrace true forgiveness? Will Camille finally put her trust in God as she clings to the hope of becoming a mother? Aries Langston's desire for marriage grows as her relationship with Bill progresses, but she must first persuade him to move to Atlanta.

Talk to God Series (Book 3)

Unfortunately, the past isn’t finished with Stephen and Camille King. Although they have settled into domestic life raising their precocious twin daughters, Savannah and Sarai, their world is upended when Camille receives threats from an unknown enemy. It is up to Stephen to get to the bottom of it and protect his family from evil intentions no one saw coming. But who has it out for her, and why now?

Free To Grieve

A powerful and compelling narrative about a mother whose life begins to quickly unravel when her 16 year old son, a high school football player, is found lifeless in his bed. After a harrowing plunge into the depths of despair and grief, she resurfaces with a greater sense of purpose to help spread awareness about the number one threat to young athletes. Intertwined with personal excerpts from her journal she began weeks after her son’s death.


When a relative dies, children are often left with feelings of grief and loss. 'Brother' is a heartwarming story told straight from the heart by a little boy named Jackson who finds ways to remember and honor his older brother who died. Written to and for any child who has lost a sibling, the book offers comfort and some reassurance that it's okay to hold onto the precious memories of their loved one.

Daddy, Why Did Grandma Leave?

When her grandmother dies, a young girl is full of questions as she tries to cope with her emotions and sense of loss. How will life be, now that her Grandmother is gone? Written with love, care and compassion, this book encourages healthy dialogue between adults and children so that the mystery and fear of moving on after a loved has died can be replaced with feelings of comfort and hope. This book offers a special message for fathers who are encouraged to play a more active role.

Lou, the Grief Dog

A beautiful friendship story between a child and dog. Meet Willie and his faithful dog, Lou. Lou thinks Willie is the absolute best pal- and that it's his job to cheer him up when Willie feels sad about his Dad dying. The colorful rhyming narrative and vibrant illustrations depict the unfolding bond of trust and affection as seen through the eyes of a loving pet.  Encourages pet adoption!

G is for Grief

Explores ways children can express and develop their coping skills after experiencing the death of a family member, friend, or even a pet. Using colorful illustrations, this book will motivate children to discuss their feelings and practice healthy, fun, and age-appropriate coping strategies. To help expand your child’s natural capacity, the book includes positive self-talk, builds emotional resilience, and fosters well-being.

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